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Sustainable Departments

June 7, 2021
Sustainable Departments
Electronic waste describes disposed electronic gadgets which are bound for renovation, reuse,
resale, rescue reusing through material recuperation. E-waste could be preserved by recycling,
that is investing into infrastructures by working side by side with industries. Therefore, this essay
will further discuss the different departments in a firm and the environmental issues involved, it
will also discuss on the departments that creates more of e-waste followed by the greatest
amount of electricity utilized by each department and how each of the department can assist in
solving such environmental issues and the reasons as to why managers, employees, business is
important to be aware of such environmental issues and lastly it will discuss ways that can be
created to have a sustainable MIS infrastructure.
To begin with, there are various types of departments in a business that associates with multiple
environmental issues. Firstly, Marketing department is involved in targeting the public with
affordable and enhanced electronics and the environment issue faced is when a business tends to
produce more new, better and affordable products, then old products tend to be wasted.
Secondly, operations department is responsible for ensuring that the production of the product is
completed from the beginning till the end. The environmental issue faced is that during the
production process of electronic devices, the faulty gadgets are disposed improperly in infertile
land. This causes harm to the surroundings and the natural habitat of the insects and animals.
Thirdly, the finance department is responsible for handling and utilizing money that is acquired
by the business for financial activities. The department does not directly cause significant
environmental issues but the way clients manage impacts the financial department. Fourthly,
sales department is responsible for advertising and selling the products to respective customers.
Sales department also contributes to environment issues for example, when the receipts are
produced upon the sale of a product it usually ends up in the surroundings. Paper wastes causes a
lot of harm to the environment as well.

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