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March 11, 2020
Joanna Vasquez
English 211G, D02
Joanna Vasquez
ENLG 211G, D05
March 2, 2020
Living in a world like today with differences and curiosity leaves a trail to others that
think differently and change the way we see films, tv shows, videos, etc. An act that many
producers and directors seem to portray is surrealism, a known phenomenon that has a variety of
meanings to many but can closely be defined as a movement the ideas that our unconscious
minds desire. Even though this thought never crossed my mind in the past, I’m more aware of
the things that I see that have some sort of symbol to the whole storyline itself. WhatCulture
states that the, “... features of HIMYM is its tendency to be zany and surreal. This aspect of the
show does not get enough recognition, but it is a key part of what makes it so special.” The best
way it could interpret it to something that I could understand was of the way they portrayed
every exaggeration the characters saw in their minds look like if it was happening. It wasn’t until
I took the class that I started to see everything into a different perspective and attaching it to
everything from psychology and this class to give it a new alternative to every episode.
In this show, there are five main characters Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney. The

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