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SRT Type Questions
Q) KFC has launched an amazing new burger. They want to charge a high price to
recover costs and maximize short-term profit, which pricing strategy should they use?
a) Competitive Pricing
b) Price Skimming
c) Cost-based Pricing
Q)You are standing at the door of the train that has just left the platform. Suddenly you
see a man from the coach behind you falling off the train. What will you do?
A. Pull the alarm chain so that the train may stop and the man may be helped.
B. Shout at the falling man, asking him to get up quickly and enter the train as it is not
moving very fast.
C. Jump off the train to assist the falling man.
D. Wait till the train stops at the next station and inform the railway authorities there
Q)How did Coke change its organizational structure?

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