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Six Sigma

June 15, 2021
Muhammad Ahsan Khan
Madiha Mazhar
Huzaifa wyne
Moeez Mohal
Khansa Maryam
Hamza Mustansir
Is it Possible to go above and beyond 6-sigma level?
When there is high risk involved, companies tend to go above the 6-sigma level. Industries like
steel mills, mines & airlines, and many more keep their aim above the six sigma level.
If we look at the airline industry, they operate at ten or more for flight take-off & landing, but for
all practical purposes in an industry where high risk is not involved, and human life is not at risk,
six sigma is a good enough improvement benchmark.
Cars of formula one tends to do the same as there is human risk involves. Moreover surgeries
and operations in hospitals tends to do the same and try to go beyond and above.
How is it possible to go above
Thai Airways International (public) Co. Ltd. have implemented 6-8 Sigma in their
technical department (aircraft repair shop/hangar)
British Airways, Delta, Southwest, Singapore Airlines plus many more) of GE Aircraft
Engine’s customers have had staff take six sigma training as well
Is it possible to streamline marketer’s production along with mass customization? And,
what is the future beyond mass customization?
Yes its possible for the firm to maintain high production along with mass customization if the
budget is high. But if there is budget restriction then the marketer should opt for market
penetration strategy with one unique product. In short the marketer should opt for low volume

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