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Should London Police Arrest Prostitutes Or Help Them? Case Study

April 28, 2021
London Prostitution Case Analysis & Intro
In this case study the London Police Services (LPS) of London, Ontario recognizes the
growing problem of prositution that is affecting communities and neighbourhoods
negativity. A repetitive cycle of arresting prostitutes leads to no significant long term
difference, and the motive behind prostituion continues. This issue will be analyzed by
dissecting the innate cause of this complication with the goal to satisfy the communities
need, while creating an effective solution with the limited services available. How the
police are currently handling this issue and the idea of change will also be expressed. A
leadership plan will be developed to ensure the maximum effect of improving both the
community and the negative cycle of prostituion. The ultimate goal is to develop
services that can relieve women working in the sex trade through effective guidence.
Prostition’s Impact on London
Prostitution has been recongnized as an issue in London, Ontario by both police and
community members. Prostitution has been an ongoing issue that has often been
overlooked, but as complaints become more prevalent Police wonder what their level of
involvement should be. The repetitive cycle of prostituton can be associated with drug
addiction and the ineffective consequences in relation to this crime, but what is a long
term solution to reduce this problem?
In Ontario, London the direct selling of sex is not illegal, but runing an establishment,
housing people who sell sex, and communicationg with the purpose of selling it, is
illegal. Prostituion is often viewed as a victimless crime, and therefore not regarded as a
priority by police. Cases with direct victims often are prioritized by the police
department. With prostituion, it is not uncommon for the girls participating to suffer from
various violent crimes. It is not unusual for prostitutes to endure abuse and leave it
unreported due to the circumstances the act was performed in.
Over the years LPS Chief Murray’s experience has allowed him to see the transition of
prostitution through out time since he first started workign in the 1970s. He recalls how
the catalyst behind the changes in prostition patterns was the drug trade. Though no
hard data was available to confirm this, the conclusion of the relation between drugs
and prostituion crimes was backed up with first hand experience. Variety of crimes have
been involved in prostituion such as the case of the missing women in 1990. There has

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