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Hwang 2
Kyoseok Hwang
ESOL 0354
Compare Online Shopping and In-Store Shopping
Online and in-store shopping differs the way to buying materials; however, they both buy to shop. I
believe that shopping is depending on a person that chooses online or in-store shopping. Online
shopping is most convenient for individuals that don’t have time to go to the store. If you are busy with
an online job or online classes then online shopping can become easy to use yourself.
Few weeks ago, I have been having a lot online shopping experiences. I usually buy from websites
about part of computer. I have known where I can get the best price. When you’re looking for the best
price, you might check research by internet. The best price is often found online, but you should get
be patience yourself. Online sales will sometimes sell you an item for half of retail price. When the
price isn’t sales price, it may be the same price in store or less price the shipping costs. Therefore,
you still won’t have the best price. If you have patience to buy produces, this item could possibly be
on sale.
In-store shopping should be convenient for those people who are outgoing people. They rarely stay at
home and don’t need to compare prices. Especially, you can get the produces on time. In-store
shopping doesn’t have to worry about shipping. All you have to do is grab the item when you want,
and you can get warranty for 30days. I used to have many experiences when I interested assembling
the computer. It has to spend more money than online shopping but you can grab quickly on your

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