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Here’s the real deal – SEO which is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” makes
it easier for people to nd your website on the Internet. The easier it is for your dream
customers to nd you, the more sales and business you’ll get. Use this checklist to SEO your
website and prepare for searchable success.
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01. Add an overall website title and description.
Based on your site title and description, Google will prioritize your website over other
sites based on someone’s search.
02. Add descriptions to each of your pages.
you to ll in so your whole site is ready for Google. Use them!
03. Clean up your URLs and slugs.
A website slug is whatever comes after your main URL. For example, your About page may
be “”. Check your slugs and make sure they are clean and easy to
04. Rename the images on your website.
When you uploaded your images, you likely had them named “img0935.jpeg. But guess
what? Google reads image titles! Go through each image and rename it with keywords
that relate to both the photo and your business. For example, when we post a new client’s
website, we might name it “modern minimal website design.
05. Fix broken links.
Duda (and other similar web-building platforms) have built-in SEO settings for
read. Also, use hyphens to separate phrases (for example: “”).

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