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December 23, 2019
Relevant information is a data which is appropriate and can be applied for the solution of
the problem. Our basic relevant information is distribution expenses. In our case, Sara Norton
stayed in dilemma about listening her CEO and listening her inner voice. She wanted to enter
the cosmetics line however, her operations and finance manager Lisa Mackintosh suggested
that instead of entering a new line, extending the current products’ retail distributions and
being an international brand was more profitable and meaningful.
By thinking like Sara, if we want to make what our inner voice says while everyone around
us that we trust stay against us, first of all we tried to make an evaluation according to their
suggestions. So, according the CEO Lisa Mackintosh, we need to expand our retail distributions
without producing a new product or entering a new line. Also, we have a grown sales team in
high-end spas and salons in major United States markets, online platforms for our spa partners
and two national luxury department stores that we made retail agreements with 160 outlets.
During the economic recession, we signed contracts with two groceries to distribute the new
line of Everyday products whose customers are same as the Seaside Organics customer profiles.
One is Hayfield Grocery with more than 350 stores in United States and the other one is
Connie’s Cocina Grocery with 400 nationwide outlets and with a founder who is Seaside
Organics customer.
Today Sarah has more than 1,000 stores nationwide with online retailers for Everyday

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