Sadness and Happiness

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Cynthia Diaz
21 July 2020
Professor LaRocca
ENC 1101
Comparison and Contrast
Sadness and Happiness
It is very interesting! How it’s possible that there are countries that are close to
each other, but they are completely different? Cuba is an attractive island in the
Caribbean Sea knowing for its history and its beautiful beaches. The Cuban cigar is the
most famous in the world. The United States is the third-largest country in the world and
the world’s most dominant economic and military power. Those two countries are very
close, just ninety miles away from each other. Cuba and the United States have multiple
differences in their history, politics, economy, and public sectors, such as health and
education, but at the same time, they have many similarities.
Cuba, the tropical island, was the first Spanish colony therefore the language
spoken Cuba is Spanish even though there was a time in history where it was also a
colony of the United States. The United States was instead colonized by English people
principally and that is why the first language in North America is English. Havana is the
capital of Cuba and Washington is the capital of the United States.
Cynthia Diaz
21 July 2020
Professor LaRocca
ENC 1101
Comparison and Contrast
The political parties between these two countries also differ. Cuba is a
communist country. Unfortunately, the island is controlled by the government and the
population doesn’t have freedom speech, and human rights are violated, but sadly the
government is always hiding the truth behind this statement. If a Cuban resident
doesn’t agree with the president of the country and if they refuse to have that person as
the president, they are strongly punished by the regime. They can go to jail, receive
physical abuse, and even be discriminated against by the government and other
citizens. Cubans don’t even have the right to elect their president because the
government is the one who decides who is going to take power. In the United States the
politics are very different since there are two political parties, the Republican and

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