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Research Paper on GMO

March 2, 2016
Alvarez 1
Nicole Alvarez
Chet Breaux
ENC 1102 U53
February 23, 2016
Research Narrative
Have you ever noticed that there are some products that have a “Non-GMO” label? Well, these
particular products are sold in some markets at a considered high price in comparison with others
products sold at the store. What’s so special about them? They don’t contain GMO. GMO are
basically organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory by
humans; meaning that they are not natural products. Consumers who care about their health, they
usually expend their money buying these Non GMO goods. Obviously, everyone would like to
eat healthy food, but for those who can’t afford it they ended up buying GMs products. In my
opinion, I think this is a really important issue because many people who buy Non-GMO goods
are not capable of knowing if the product in which they are investing their money is actually
verified as something natural and safe. Another important fact that I noticed was that not all the
stores in Florida are selling Non GMO products.
Related to this topic, I have some research questions about Non-GMO and GMO goods.
First, I would like to know if Non-GMO products are truly verifiable or if it’s just an economic
trick? Secondly, I want to know what possible reasons some stores have that they don’t sell Non
GMO products in the market. For last, I would also like to know what are the pros and cons for
GMO production, and how consumer preference is being affected. I have planned some primary
research using google scholar, in which I found two academics sources. One is journal titled
“Genetic modified (GM) foods and Eating” by Cheryl Rock, and the other one is the article
“Consumer Response to Genetically Modified foods: Market Segment Analysis and Implications
Alvarez 2
for producers and Policy markers.” By Gregory A. Baker and Thomas A. Burnham. Both of these
relevant resources are going to help me explain the opportunities and obstacles of GMO
production. I addition to that, I found on google three news articles that will respond my
elaborated questions about Non-GMO goods.
Using Google scholar, I found a journal titled “Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and

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