Repair Contract

Word Count
Pellissippi State Community College
BUSN 2370
Read the Letter and the first page of the Maintenance Agreement.
1.Who is the offeror? Smith Appliance Repair
2.Who is the offeree? John Doe
3. If this a unilateral or bilateral contract? Bilateral
4. What appliance(s) does this agreement cover? Refrigerator
5. If you were to choose Option 1, what is the cost? $100
6. If you were to choose Option 1, what is the time frame of the contract? Covered until 3/1/2017
7. How can a person accept the offer to form this contract? Fill out and return application
Now read the entire contract.
8. What does “MA” stand for in this contract? The entire document (working in property management I
know MA stands for maintenance agreement although it does not expressly say that’s what the
initial’s stand for)
9. What does “Smith” stand for in this contract? Smith Appliance Repair
10. Who has the option under this contract to specify whether you get new parts for your repairs?
Smith Appliance Repair (1. COVERAGE AND TERM)
11. Who is responsible for initiating the yearly preventive maintenance check-up? John Doe must
initiate the request for an annual preventative maintenance inspection
12. You buy a refrigerator and cover it under this agreement. You then sell the house and the
refrigerator with it.
a. Can this MA cover that appliance for the new owners? Yes
b. Where in the contract do you find that information? 4. TRANSFERABILITY
13. Read section 5. Assume that this refrigerator has a freezer, and this it breaks down and you lose
all of the food in the freezer part of the appliance.