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September 13, 2016
Thu Hien Kopp Assignment 12
(1) What are the beliefs of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormon Church)?
This is one of the most fastest grow religion in the
world. They believe themselves to be Christians who
belong to a perfect, restored Christianity, point out the
differences between Mormonism and traditional
Joseph Smith is the founder of the movement. He was
struggling between Christian groups. When he was 14,
he had vision of Jesus and God the father, who
informed him that no current Christian denomination
was correct, because the true Christianity had died out.
When he turned 17, he had another vision. An angel
named Moroni showed him a direction to dig a golden
tables inscribed with foreign words, a breastplate, and
a mysterious stone that he used to translate the words.
The result of his work was the Book of Mormon.
He and his followers began a series od moves to Ohio,
Missouri, and Illinois. It practices polygamy , which
Smith defended as biblical justified. In Illinois, Smith
and his brother got killed when they were in prison.
The Mormon Church has always been a missionary
Church in very early in England and Hawaii. The
Mormon Church spears to worldwide now and very
successful in the South Pacific.
It is inspired by the Christian Bible, which they usually
use in King James Version, so do other works are
equally inspired. Another inspired works is the Doctrine
and Covenants, a list of more than 100 revelations that
were given by God to Joseph Smith to the heads of the
Church. The last inspired works are all thought of as
complements to the Christian Bible. There are more
than 100 millions copies of the Book of Mormon have
been published. And the most important book is the
Book of Mormon.
The Mormon notion of the afterlife includes a belief in
hell and in several higher levels of rewards: the
telestial, terrestrial, and celestial realms.
Mormons performed all the special ordinances in
hundred temples around the world. Couple who
married in celestial realm become godlike, producing
spiritual children there.
The book of Mormon teaches that some descendants
of the people who produced the tower of Babel settled
in the Americas but finally died and a group of Israelites
came to North America about 600 BCE. They divided
into 2 warring factions, the Nephites and Lamanites,
and Jesus. The book also tells how in the 4th century

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