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Relativism vs absolutisim

August 31, 2020
Relativism vs. Absolutism
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Relativism vs. Absolutism
The clarification on whether Christian ethics is Absolutism and Relativism in this
response is very clear. I agree with this response that Christian ethics are under the
commandment of God. It is in this same view that the classmate explores more on Christians
ethics and if Christians are living according to the will of God. Love is the greatest gift of all, as
elaborated in the response. I concur that we should all love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
Possessing God's image means that people should reflect God not only in his emotional,
intellectual, and moral capacity but also in his social inclinations and aesthetic sensibility of his
God is love, and love is the greatest gift given to us. The response is engaging and correct
when love is mentioned. I support the fact that God has biblical guidelines that we ought to
follow. The same bible also talks about God looking at the heart of man and how people should
be faithful. In this sense, the text also elaborates more on why God made us in his image. The
same verse (Mathew 22:37-40) also tries to develop more that God reveals himself to man
through his word. The laws from God act as guidance to our lives. Like this response, every
Christian must portray clear ethics that aligns with the biblical teachings and our actions. The