Relationship Development Paper

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Bednarchik, COM437: Interpersonal Communication
Relationship Development Paper
DUE: Submitted to CC by 11:59pm on the due date
The purpose of this assignment is to help you apply communication concepts related to relationship
development from the textbook and lectures to your own experiences of communication within a substantial
interdependent interpersonal relationship. By exploring and analyzing this interaction, you can gain insight
into the complexities of human communication and the relationship between concepts/research, theory and
Keep in mind that although you will be applying the course material to an interpersonal relationship, you are
NOT required to disclose any information that you are uncomfortable disclosing. You are welcome to change
names to protect privacy. Remember that you are asked to focus on the COMMUNICATION aspects of this
relationship with regard to how it developed. Please choose a relationship you feel comfortable writing about.
I am the only person reading these papers and will not share any information without your permission.
Minimum length: 5 pages (no max)
APA formatting: double spaced, typed, with 1” margins and 12 point, Times New Roman font.
APA formatting: If you are using information from outside sources (including the textbook or other
articles…which you should be), these must be CITED IN TEXT
APA formatted reference page. Refer to your APA Manual (7th edition) for information or look online

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