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Chapter 2
Considering Self
The Components of Self
The self: An evolving composite of three
components that develop continually over
time based on life experience
Self-awareness: The ability to view yourself as
a unique person and to reflect on your
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Social comparison (Mead): Observing and
assigning meaning to others’ behavior and
then comparing it with your own
Self-Concept (1 of 2)
Self-concept: Your overall perception of who
you are, based on the beliefs, attitudes, and
values you have about yourself
Looking-glass self: Your self-concept as
shaped by what you believe others think of
Self-Concept (2 of 2)
Self-concept clarity: The degree which you
have a clearly defined, consistent, and
enduring sense of self
Self-fulfilling prophecies: Predictions about
future interactions that lead us to behave in
ways that ensure the interaction unfolds as
we predicted
Self-Esteem (1 of 2)
Self-esteem: The overall value, positive or
negative, that we assign to ourselves
Low Self-Esteem: A Vicious

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