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January 9, 2021
Internal analysis
excellent workmanship: Leica lens is a top-grade lens produced by Leica GMBH.
For example, the lens of its lens is generally made by advanced optical glass
grinding process, and few are cast or made of resin material. Moreover, the barrel
body of its lens is generally made of copper with very low coefficient of
expansion, so that the long-term use index does not drop.
Effective in photo: At the heart of Leica is high picture performance, with very
precise exposure and color temperature measurements. The colors are comfortable
and the high contrast black and white presets are great.
Good value and value added: It is the hot spot that collect bound personage
invests all the time. For example, the Platinum commemorative camera M6 issued
in 1989 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of photography and
the 75th anniversary of the birth of Laika camera has now appreciated to about
HK $90,000. The Leica I Luxus gold-plated camera is worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars because it is so rare in existence. (平旦夫, 2000)
Heavy: Due to the excellent production of Leica camera, it is heavier than other
same level camera.
Expensive: In terms of functionality, Leica is nowhere near as cost-effective as
mainstream SLRS like Nikon.
Leica's history is long, so it as a symbol of a camera, is very good, a lot of people
at the time of purchase is also have such an experience, is first of all, he didn't go
to previously he is superior to compare things, but can accept its shortcomings,
Leica is such a thing, he has a lot of shortcomings in the past, but it also left a lot
of important evidence for the history of our, so leica always belongs to those who
compare with taste, and people with economic power. (莱卡相机好在哪里, 无日
Did not correctly recognize the camera industry development trend, did not timely
from the traditional camera industry to the digital camera industry.
With the rise of SLR, the side-axis market is being squeezed, and the Japanese are
doing better in SLR manufacturing and camera electrocyclization. Lycra also
followed the trend to do SLR but failed to succeed. Today Leica still has the
world's best camera body and lens manufacturing process, but it is not nearly as
efficient as the Japanese companies, and it has almost lost the ability to innovate.