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University of Illinois
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It is an indubitable fact that all comforts that we enjoy in the 21st century technological world are credited to
engineering. It is marvelous how engineering is present in everything – from housing, to transportaon, to electronic
devices. My inclinaon towards science and technology was always high in my school and I have always been driven to
understand how things work, whether they be the simple door hinge movement or the highly intricate gear mesh
mechanism inside of a clock. My curiosity to understand funconing of devices grew. I always used to watch television
shows in discovery science channel namely, ‘How it’s made’ and ‘How do they do it’. These shows helped me in exploring
and learning the process &ow of operaons involved in a manufacturing unit. Also visualizing the intricate mechanics and
seamless e)ciency of these processes gave me a sense of sasfacon. This intrigued me and kept me on my toes to
know more and more. Having recently completed my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering - where I was
instructed on fundamental and advanced technical aspects of design and manufacturing - I now want to pursue higher
educaon in Industrial Engineering from a premier instuon of United States of America which will help me advance my
engineering skills.
My desire to achieve excellence in my academics was innately present. A.er compleng studies in Pre University course
specialized in physics, mathemacs and chemistry, I took a decision to augment my knowledge in these aspects by opng
for Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate studies started with me developing a sound
knowledge base in subjects from all engineering branches to get a be1er understanding on the engineering studies as a
whole. I also developed a sound theorecal base in technical subjects like Manufacturing Processes and Stascal quality
control. In my progressive semesters, I opted for wide and varied subjects like Operaons research, Operaons
Management, Finance Management, Engineering Economics and Engineering Management. These subjects not only
enhanced my learning to broaden the perspecve of engineering but also re&ected in my excellent academic grades.
I have showed an incredible aptude for learning since my schooling and have shown great deal of interest in praccal
knowledge. Well-equipped Laboratories in my undergraduate college Reva Instute of Technology and Management
helped me in learning and tesng the theorecal concepts and visualize them for be1er understanding through
conclusive experiments. One of my favorite labs was Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (CAED). This lab allowed me