Puerto Rico’s Economics

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University of Houston Clear Lake
5/8/2019 Hurricane
By: Tiany Marnez
Puerto Rico was such a beautiful island. In most areas it still maintained beautiful, but a
lot of places such as where my family is from the hurricanes destroyed it. All of my family are
from Puerto Rico. A lot of them came to the United States because the economy was bad there,
even before the hurricane. My parents live here with me in Texas and my grandparents in New
York. A lot of my aunts, uncles, and cousins all still live in Puerto Rico. I will never forget the
first day of the storm. Hurricane Harvey not only hit us hard here in Texas, but in Puerto Rico
worse. I tried to get a hold of my family just to make sure that they were ok. Every time my mom
or I tried to call, the phone acted like there was no service it would just beep. We tried a different
family member to see if just maybe it was their phone, but their phone as well seemed like it was
out of signal. We turned on the news and they basically said that Puerto Rico has gone under. The
communication line was knocked out. There was no internet, no phones, and worst of all no
light. My family and I prayed. We prayed to make sure everything was alright, that one day soon
enough someone from our family will try and contact us and let us know that they were ok.
Weeks went by and still nothing.
Finally, after a few more weeks, our aunt contacted us saying that they were alright. My
whole family was fine. Unfortunately, for a lot of the other families weren’t so lucky. Some of
their family members passed away and all I remember thinking that day was, “Thank God my
family was safe.” After a few weeks we kept in contact with them just to see if they were ok. We
sent them money as much as we could. We asked if there was any damage to the house and they
said a little flooding in the basement, but nothing too serious. One of the major reasons why I
love being Puerto Rican is because we are strong and despite the fact that something drastic has
happened, we all stay together and help one another out. After things finally settled, my family
through a block party, just to celebrate their lives. Thanking God every day that they were alive. I