Public Vs Private Education

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Lakeland University
Michelle Bozeman
Composition II – Final Draf
November 21, 2018
Part of being a parent is thinking about what is in the best interest of their children
especially when it comes to childhood education. Some households with larger annual incomes
have their children enrolled in a private school because most believe the education is be4er
because they are paying for it. Does paying for education give children the best education that
money can buy? Why not attend a public school? There are so many answers to both these
questions but in truth, a student can get a great education from attending public schools.
When thinking of public schools (especially in urban areas), it is thought that schools
lack in some areas compared to private schools such as curriculums, class sizes, student barriers
and other issues that can alter a child's learning. Some public schools may not have the
resources or the capability to handle every child's problem and since low-school budgeting plays
a factor, not everything can get grasped outside of education. Choosing to attend public school
in the especially in urban areas, the curriculums are great however, the average teacher/student
ratio is 1.24. Public schools can de>nitely save money, however, going to a public school can
give a student the same opportunities as a student attending a private school.
Parents and guardians may make the decision to send their children to private schools
over public schools for many reasons. Most believe that attending private schools is so much
be4er than public school because tuition is being paid by the family but nonetheless, public
schools are free and there is no tuition required. Private schools are usually funded by grants,
independent subsidies, alumni and the community that they live, however, parents and
guardians are the ones that take up this responsibility. These funds >nance the school and all of
their operations. Private schools are able to make their own curriculums which can be
structured around the educational requirements and the need of the students. Not all private
schools operate exactly the same, but some may provide more programs than others.
Students attending private schools will have the experience of being in smaller
classrooms whereas each student can receive the same attention as others in the classroom.
This gives the teacher a chance to be able to give each child the same attention that is needed
to learn. Smaller classrooms can also help a student gain con>dence and can be motivating.