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Project Management

August 6, 2019
Forum Unit 1: Select a Project (Forum Post)
For 540: project planning and execution
My proposed project revolves around building an addon feature for an existing application within the
airline booking website. The customers can use their miles earned on trips and redeem it towards
renting cars. Currently, Car rental booking is offered on American Airlines website in partnership with
product provider ABG and the technological partner - CT. The Car Rentals is provided by ABG and
uses the merchandising capabilities of Cartrawler. The user is not able to currently use their airline
miles to book rental cars along with their flight booking or as a standalone purchase. This project will
introduce extensive Earn/Burn Miles Solution for Car Rentals by exposing and integrating the Loyalty
API with that of CT’s.
The building of this feature is an entire project on its own as we are creating APIs and linking our
application with third party vendors for car rentals. This requires us to have a detailed Work
breakdown Structures and are extensively dependent on other applications for updating and sharing
of miles and also details of the customers. This project also requires us to have several resources
assigned for helping to incorporate this feature into the application without disturbing any other
functionalities of the application.

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