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February 19, 2021
Study Guide Test #1
AERO 3240 Professional Pilot IV
Spring 2021
Introduction to the CRJ-700
Certified number of passengers for the CRJ-700.
Common US airline number of passengers for the CRJ-700.
Number of doors and exits.
Flight attendant information.
Approach category.
Electrical System
Types of electricity and their voltage / frequency.
Sources of AC power.
Sources of DC power.
Sources of emergency power.
What is a TRU?
Four main AC busses, how are they powered?
What is an IDG what parts make up an IDG?
HOT-LOP what does that mean? What do we do if HOT-LOP happens?
AC Power Priority for AC Bus 1 or 2, and Essential Bus. (Which order would AC Bus 1 take
power from the AC power sources, for example)?
Emergency power situations what happens if ADG does or does not deploy?
Main purposes of the APU.
Altitude limitations for APU.
Manufacturer / model number of APU.
Main mechanical parts of the APU (compressor, turbine, etc).
Function of the APU eductor.
APU automatic shutdown difference between on ground and in-flight.
APU fuel pump and what happens if it fails?
Sequence to start and shutdown the APU.
AVAIL light what does it mean?
Pneumatic System
Sources of high pressure bleed air.
Bleed stages on the engines.
6th / 10th stage when each operates.
HPV and PRSOV valves what are they and what do they do?
Isolation valve why do we have it?
How are the bleed valves controlled and actuated?
Which valves are controlled by which ACSC (1/2)?