Program Design – Basketball

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Stephen F. Austin State University
Program Design
For my program design I chose to do Men’s Collegiate Basketball. I played basketball
growing up and in high school so coming up with an early off-season workout for a week was
easier than expected. My team suffers from frequent ankle sprains, as well as shoulder and knee
injuries. My program will focus on improving their power, flexibility, speed, and agility. A 5-day
program will be enforced and off days will be given on Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday will be an off day, however Monday, the team will focus on lower body
workouts. For their warm up, they will perform various exercises to the half court line, and then
jog the rest of the way to the baseline. These workouts will include ankle pops (lightly bounce on
toes, similar to jumping rope, to produce more range of motion), high knees, butt kicks, carioca,
defensive slides and knee hugs. Once their muscles are loose and their blood is pumping they
will move to the weight room. Each player will find a partner to perform these workouts with.
First, will be the power portion which consists of front squats (3x4) and box jumps (5x5). Next
for core they will do back raises (3x8). Romanian deadlifts (3x8) will be done to assist in the
strengthening of the lower back, hamstrings and gluteus maximus as well as engaging the core.
Accessory/Injury prevention exercises include eccentric calf raises (3x15) and lunges on each leg
(3x7). Finally, stretch and recovery will consist of foam roll stretching and basic static stretching.
Tuesday’s workout will be on the track and will focus on speed and agility. They will
start by running 1 lap for a warm up. The speed aspect of the workout will consist of a lot of
running! They will run hills (forward and backwards) 3 times each direction for a total of 6.
Next, they will run 3 sets of bleachers and then run a 50-yard suicide drill on the football field.
For the suicide drill, they will run out and touch the 5-yard line, run back to where they started,
touch, then run to the 10-yard line. They will continue this by touching every 5th yard line until
reaching the 5o yard line. For agility, the players will do various ladder drills. These drills consist
Program Design
of a 2-in-2-out shuffle, high knee run through, and a run through with resistance bands. These
ladder drills will help increase their footwork and swiftness on the court. They will end