Prism of Difference

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Prism of Difference
The “prism of difference” is the international and transnational views on the way
sexual diversity, class and race are central to the gender and sex studies and mostly
concentrates on America. It provides a different between men and women, for instance, men
viewed as the strong characters and they are not expected to cry while women are victimized
by patriarchal oppression. In a family, men do not work as hard as the women as they do not
share in either taking care of the children or even sharing any house chores. In case of a
divorce, the women suffer most since they are left with taking care of the children all alone
and even get more into poverty as they try to get by.
Even in the professional world, the difference is seen where working women are
subjected to humiliation when they conceive and sexual harassment. It is considered as a
glass ceiling which hinders women from succeeding. It prevents women from competing
equally for the same high status with men and attaining high salary opportunities. Men power
is seen in heterosexual intercourse as they always dominate over women. However, there are