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International Politics Week 5:
The State, Challenges to the State, & Models of Foreign Policy Decision-Making
Monday: Our goal today is to breakdown the reading and work through these questions to help us
review the main points. We will do as much as we can today and finish what is left on
Wednesday. On Wednesday, we will apply this knowledge to current events and cases, and talk
about how you are progressing with your papers.
In a pair or trio, please work through as many of these questions as you can.
Define the STATE which is the major actor in international relations. What is it? What is
the difference between a state vs. a NATION? What is nationalism? How do the different
theories view the state? L, R, C
What is POWER and how do political scientists measure state POWER? What is
POWER? Discuss the sources of power: TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE, SOFT
POWERWhat methods do states use to exercise their state power? Explain what
DIPLOMACY and ECONOMIC SANCTIONS are in this context.
How do states make FOREIGN POLICY DECISIONS? How do the different theories
explain how foreign policy decisions are made at the state level? Review the Models of
Foreign Policy Decision Making: Rational, Bureaucratic model, Pluralist, Constructivist,
Discuss the differences between democracies and non-democracies and why this matters
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