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philosophy of education

August 26, 2018
Philosophy of Education
Alex Hanneken
Students with disabilities should be educated to their highest extent possible. This extent varies
for each individual student. Students should be educated in their least restrictive environment.
This is not mean that all students with disabilities need to be educated and I completely separate
room from their peers. Student should be able to be educated with their peers in the students least
restrictive environment. We as teachers need to take into account the students disability and alter
their education to their disability. For example if a student is blind we should not expect them to
be able to know colors. We should expect them to learn how to read with the combination of
learning how to read Braille. While we are aware of the students disability we do not label them
in our minds as this is who they are their disability. Each student has a name each student has
dreams and aspirations they are not just what is written on a piece of paper. Each student should
be pushed to their full potential and while students with disabilities their full potential may not be
what their peers are we still want the best for them and we need to always be taking steps
towards bettering them in all aspects of life.
While special education classrooms can help students who are struggling a lot in a certain area
whether that be a subject area or a behavioral area ect. It should not say to any teacher what so
ever that this student is not able to keep up with their peers. It says this student needs help and
we want to provide that help and get the student to a place where they are either at a place to be
put back into the regular classroom or a place where we can try and pick up the pace gradually.
Not all students with disabilities have the perspective of being in the regular education classroom
full-time. Sometimes it is just not the best place for them to be. When we think of students we
mainly just think of academic subject areas that we need them to focus on and to learn properly.
But some students with disabilities we don't always focus on subject areas we can focus on life
skills. While you might say that life skills for student should be very easy for the students with
disabilities it is very challenging. School is a place where we teach information. At times we