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Philosophical Debate from Opposing Perspectives

May 5, 2016
PHL100 Introduction To Philosophy
Shokorino Choga
Philosophical Debate from Opposing Perspectives
The existence of philosophical debate has thrived and transcended generations
since the days Socrates fought to defend his views on the nature of human evil.
As we have come to know and understand the complexities that entail various
philosophical ideas, it has become apparently clear that humans, and society in
general, cannot come to decide which philosopher provides the best outlook for
human life.
Take Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill, for example. Kant, German
philosopher and pivotal figure in modern philosophy, emphasized the importance
of reason and rationality in deciding human action. His idea highlights how
consequences seldom factor into morality. On the other side of the spectrum, Mill
is a firm believer in a doctrine that centers morality on the happiness of as many
people as possible. His philosophical idea highlights how consequences play a
fundamental role in moral decisions.
For the most part, these two philosophers are opposed in their views and ideas
of judgment and the importance of consequences. This is further underlined in
how we perceive they would respond to various scenarios. For example, how
would each philosopher respond to a mother stealing food to feed her baby?
From Mill’s perspective, one should not condemn the mother’s actions as her

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