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February 3, 2020
Parental involvement can impact children in many different ways and it can affect each
child differently. Parental involvement can affect how a child does in and views education. I
decided to choose this topic because I think that parental involvement in their child’s education
is really important. It can shape and change how a child does in school and how they view their
experiences in school. Parental Involvement is important to the larger context of education
because it may impact the students greatly on how important and serious they take their
Parental Involvement impacts children’s lives everyday; whether that is taking your child
to school, reading with them at night, cooking them breakfast, or any other interaction there is
between a child and their parent. Parental involvement helps shape a child and helps shape how
they view education.
A parent’s attitude towards school can heavily impact how their children view their
education. “The more children learn at home before they start school, the better equipped they
are to make a successful transition to school. The more parents support their children by being
involved in their education, the more they cultivate their child’s love of learning and their
chances to succeed” (Thomas, Keogh, & Hay, 2015, pg. 452). Students get encouraged by seeing
their parents be active and take an interest in their schooling. It helps the child feel growth,
security, and self development. If parents show no interest, it can lead the students to look for
that support within their peers or other places. “This support is especially vital to adolescents at
risk of disengaging from school. The context of permissive parenting style and a lack of parental
involvement, at-risk adolescents turn to their peers” (Gonzalez, 2002, pg. 133). This can allow
peers to have a negative impact on the student’s education and cause the attitude of the student to
Not only can peers have negative impacts on the students education, parents can too.
Depending on how and in what ways the parents are involved, it impacts how the students do in
school. If the parents only get involved when their children are not doing well in school, it will
actually have a negative impact on the child. “Parental involvement has negative correlations
with academic achievement, which is likely due to increased communication between school and
parents when students fail to meet their academic goals” (Niia, Almqvist, Brunnberg, &

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