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Our Greatest Challenge: Climate Change, It&#039s Everyone&#039s Responsibility

October 10, 2016
Amelia Bartlet
24 April 2016
Module 11 Assignment
Our Greatest Challenge: Climate
It’s everyone’s home, therefore it ’s everyone’s responsibility
While consumers do seem to have the largest influence on the state of climate change, companies must
realize that they are just as responsible, if not more. Companies manipulate and utilize resources on a
massive scale in order to meet the demands of consumers. However, how they go about their business
and the sustainability of their product or service needs to be upgraded just about everywhere in the
The Green-E certied Renewable Energy Certicates (RECs) we purchase encourage
the development of new clean-energy sources by providing wind-farm owners with
additional revenue. This, in turn, helps the wind farmers sell electricity at prices
competitive with power plants that use fossil fuels. [ CITATION Sta \l 1033 ]
Starbucks is taking an initiative to produce and deliver their product differently. In doing so, consumers
are (passively) no longer par(cipa(ng so heavily in the destruc(on of our environment, simply by their
choice of a product that also does not participate in such behavior.
What’s curious is how many individuals and ideologies still deny the relevance, and even truth, in climate
change. Our world is changing all around us, and its nega(vely a-ec(ng the way we live and our future.
In 2012, extreme weather events, linked to a warmer world, were estimated to cost the U.S. $60 billion.
Meanwhile, the effect of global warming could be amplied by 1,200 new coal-burning power plants
proposed worldwide. [ CITATION Wha132 \l 1033 ]
Businesses must understand that while the customer may determine demand, they hold the power to

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