Organizational Restructuring Memo

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University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management/HRM 531
Health Management
To: Regional Directors & District Managers
From: Tiffany Swindoll
cc: Division Vice Presidents
Date: July 16, 2018
Re: Organizational Restructure
There have been concerns raised about the current organizational structure in place
regarding the sales team. After taking these concerns into consideration, there have been some
changes made to the organizational structure. These changes and organizational restructure
are effective immediately. With that being said, these changes will not take place overnight and
will require some work and adaption within our organization.
The current organizational structure that is in place has 4 Division Vice Presidents.
Each Division Vice President has 15 District Managers that report to each of them which makes
a total of 60 District Managers overall. This equals a total of 64 members of the leadership
team. After restructuring the organizational chart, there will be 2 Divisional Vice Presidents.
Each Division Vice President will have 3 Regional Directors that report to each of them. The 3
Regional Directors will have 10 District Managers that report to each of them. This equals a
total of 68 members of the new leadership team.
The best way to implement these changes is in baby steps. The first thing we need to
do is to restructure duties that everyone is responsible for since there are such large
organizational changes that are being made. There will be tasks that the Division Vice
Presidents will need to pass down to the Regional Directors that would be easier for them to
oversee since they will be more in contact with the District Managers about lower level goals