opioid epidemic

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John Powell Spring 2019 SOC 3420
Writing Assignment #2
I decided to write my Policies and Issues in Criminology paper dealing with “The Opioid
Epidemic” in Chapter 13. This section states the issues of opioid addiction. It goes into depth
about how Americans have become addicted to prescription opioids. Heroin has made its
appearance into the opioid epidemic since prescriptions have been monitored more frequently.
Heroin has been coming into our country in higher quantities and at higher potency. Heroin is
much cheaper street value than prescription opioids.
This epidemic is at an all-time high in our country with the appearance of fentanyl which
is even more deadly than heroin. In the section, it explained the age category in most influenced
and it tends to affect our younger generation, from eighteen to twenty-five years old. Opioid
overdoses are at an all-time high today compared to what they have been in the past. It is known
more of these substances are coming across our nations boarder. The number of drugs that were
confiscated has quadrupled in 2013.
In chapter thirteen, it provides the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse and
Health. This survey shows in the past year around four million people, around twelve years of
age or older, currently use prescription opiates, approximately around two million people, around
eighteen to twenty-five years old, used cocaine, twenty-eight million people, aged sixteen or
older, were under the influence of illicit drugs while driving, a little over six million used
psychotherapeutic drugs including over three million were misusers of prescription opiates. In