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Open Source (OPSC) Research & Design Essay

September 1, 2020
Open Source Task 1
Part One Research
The following research paper was produced with the intention of providing
information on the three mobile applications; Google Maps, Waze, and
TomTom GO Mobile. In addition, the navigational application for Open
Source’s Portfolio of Evidence will be discussed.
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All three applications provide advantages and disadvantages, related to
navigation. All applications have one important aspect in common, real-time
traffic data. This attribute will be the most important function to add to the final
Part two - Design
Overview of application
This application will allow a user to navigate from one location to another, with
the aid of: visually displaying the route to the user on a map, finding the fastest
route to the intended destination, displaying the estimated time and distance of
the trip, and selection of favoured mode of transport.
Innovative features of the application would include displaying traffic data
along the user’s chosen route, displaying current speed being travelled at (Either
metric or imperial units), weather of destination location upon arrival, and
estimated fuel required for trip and/or estimated fuel spent during trip.
List of functions application will perform
Database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations
- For the application to allow the user to access any functionality, the

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