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On The Road To Love

January 11, 2021
On the Road to Love
(A Review of Born This Way by Lady Gaga)
The year is 2011, it is the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, and world-renowned
performance artist, pop star, and activist Lady Gaga has just arrived at the red carpet. Surrounded
by an entourage of “changed” humans, (barely) wearing flesh-toned latex outfits carrying her on
a pedestal inside of a life-sized opaque egg! Yes, an egg, where she would remain until it was
time for her to hit the stage, reborn into a new person to perform her hit single off her brand-new
sophomore album “Born This Way.” American superstar Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta,
formally known as Lady Gaga is no stranger to theatrics with her art in conjunction with her
passionate activism for human equality worldwide! She has had numerous amounts of lasting
impressions when tackling big issues with artistically dramatic statements. From the message
with the meat dress back in 2010, to that dedicated display at the Grammy Awards. Her highly
anticipated project would be the album that dives in head-on and artistically address political
issues and civil equality. But in a fun upbeat techno-pop way!
The 14-track record opens up with a song titled “Marry The Night” produced by herself
and Fernando Garibay, about Gaga not “assimilating to Hollywood and moving back to NYC” to
pursue her career “and marry the night”, Gaga said during an interview for E! News. It is one of
my very favorite songs on the album and truly sets the tone for the whole record. I remember
feeling so brave and confident in my artistry when that song came out. Little did I realize the
building blocks it truly was for Gaga's career moving forward, and in breaking social norms.
The title track, “Born This Way” which is produced by Gaga, Jeppe Laursen, Fernando
Garibay, and Paul Blair, is (in my opinion) after hearing it so many times throughout the years
since its release is (in its own right) world-changing on so many levels! What that song
represents is beyond its time. While the LGBT community quickly gravitated towards it (and for
good reason), the song itself has a more universal meaning of equality. In two separate
interviews Gaga gave to E! News, and Fuse she states that “Born This Way is a song about

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