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Ob In Action Case Study

November 22, 2020
Leading a work team is a challenge that involves a lot of responsibility; it also has to
be combine with skills and knowledge about the behavior and processes of a company. A
manager has to have a general and specific knowledge of certain functions to support and
direct his work team.
Actually, I work at Walmart Mexico where bosses are call leaders and what I have
learned from my leaders is to support, teach, and coordinate the work. If I were a manager,
to begin with, I would have to have mastery of the systems and processes, also know the
objectives in order to direct the work of my team, giving them the support and confidence so
that they can perform their work well. It is also important to support the team so that they too
develop skills that allow them to grow and achieve their professional goals.
According to Kreitner and Kinicki (2013) "ethics implies the study of moral issues
and choices" that means that it helps us to define the good from the bad, this objective can
be achieved with the help of adequate resource management techniques humans.
Organizational behavior, they argue that companies should focus on issues such as
recognition of the rights of workers, motivational strategies, and the ability of a company to
respond to various challenges that companies may encounter due to various external factors.
In addition, it is essential to remember that organizations emphasize culture, which

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