No Country For Old Men

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John Egan
Professor Chalfant
English 102A
5 November 2018
No Country for Old Men
The movie No Country for Old Men is based off of Cormac McCarthy’s best-selling
novel. No Country for Old Men is centered on three main characters: Lewellen Moss, Anton
Chigurh, and Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. Moss is out hunting he stumbles on a drug deal gone wrong.
Mexican drug cartels had a standoff and dead bodies abound. Moss finds two million dollars of
drug money and decides to keep it. Moss is then followed the rest of the movie by Anton
Chigurh. Along Chigurh’s path to the money he murders police, drug dealers, and contract killer
Carson Wells. Chigurh has no regard for human life and displays no emotion. The last character
is Sheriff Ed Tom Bell who is a symbol for the title of the film. Bell is past his time and the
world is moving on without him. He feels disconnected as he admits in the film’s final scene.
The two most prevalent themes in the film are greed and fate/freewill.
Humans are naturally greedy. Money is the reason people put in eighty-hour weeks.
Money is the reason many people have health problems. Money is the reason Lewellen Moss
was murdered. When Moss went out to go hunting that day he had no idea what was going to
happen. Moss was trying to shoot a deer and yet he stumbled upon a scene which gets him killed.
With his hunting and military background, Moss is extremely diligent and knows how to cover
his tracks and track someone else. However, once he picks up the briefcase with two million
dollars his fate is sealed. When Moss returns home with that briefcase Chigurh is already on the
case. Moss’ decision to take the money is truly peculiar. In most circumstances finding two
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million dollars would feel like a God sent blessing, but Moss just saw the aftermath of occurred
because of this money (No Country for Old Men). As confident as he might be, Moss has to
know he made a mistake. He even admits this when he tells Carla Jean she must go stay with her
mother because the cartel will never stop looking for their two million dollars (No Country for
Old Men).
There are many others who are dead because of greed as well. The boss of the operation
who hired Wells is gunned down. Carson Wells who was hired to kill Chigurh and retain the