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My Aim in Life
Life aimlessly is useless, aimless and pointless. Life may be a great blessing of God. It should be
spent on a purpose, with certain aim. Otherwise, there'll be no difference between the lifetime
of man which of animals. Life is olden times was simple. Man had to search for food, nothing
more. But, now's a special time. We’ve new challenges to satisfy. We’ve new problems to
unravel. So, one should be ready for of these things. One can face life and its problems with an
idea. Without an idea, life would be difficult to steer. I would like to become an educator. The
question is why so. There are many other professions. One is often a doctor, earning tons of
rupees daily. One is often an engineer, getting thousands of rupees as salary. One is often a
shop-keeper earning many profits. One also can be a trader, selling things and earning many
profits. Why then a teacher? I would like to become an educator because i really like this
profession. Not only that i really like it, but also for its greatness. I do know teachers in our
country are low-paid. I also know that folks don’t think this profession as an excellent one. They
think that teachers are merely teachers, with no status in life. I admit, teachers aren't given
proper status in our society. But, all an equivalent, i prefer this profession. i feel teaching is that
the highest job to try to . It’s because teachers bring light of data within the lives of the people.
They take them out of ignorance. They teach them good values. This is often what i feel, I
believe. In my opinion, a poor literate man is best than an illiterate man of means. So, that's
why i would like to be an educator. This is often my aim in life.

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