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My Essay

March 10, 2020
Emil Fahrig
Essay #1
We’ve read a handful of inspiring, motivational and encouraging stories that we
can learn many life lessons from. However, two stories stick out for me and have
impacted my life during SU. One of these stories was A Temporary Matter by Jhumpa
Lahiri. What I learned from this story is that spending time with the people you feel
closest to is what brings people happiness. The second story was The School written by
Donald Barthelme, which was about the fact that life is finite and that we should make
the most out of it.
The reason I picked A Temporary Matter was because it was interesting to see
the Shukumar and Shoba’s marriage be temporarily revitalized and Shukumar’s
reaction to that. Before the lights went out, Shukumar and his wife were experts at
avoiding themselves, barely spending any time with each other. As a result, Shukumar
was noticeably down and was not content with his life. However, when the light started
going out, Shukumar and Shoba spent time together and things were different.
Shukumar began looking forward to spending time with Shoba. In turn, he began to feel
more content about his life, even helping with the dishes and making love to Shoba,
something he had not done for a while. We can see that Shukumar feels more content
when he is around friends and family instead of being isolated in his bedroom.
Personally, I can relate to this too. During the first week at SU, I didn’t have many
people to talk to and would spend most of my free time finishing homework alone in my
room. Eventually, though, I became friends with the people living close to my dorm and
started spending most of my free time talking and going out with them. Although, I felt
content doing homework on my own, I felt like something was still missing. However,
Emil Fahrig
Essay #1
once I started becoming friends with people in my dorm, I felt that I filled in what was
once missing. Instead of sitting alone in my room watching YouTube during free time, I
went out to eat, hike at discovery park and watch Game of Thrones. I realized that
nothing makes me happier than spending time and joking around with friends.
The next story that has impacted my life at SU was The School. I thought that

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