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Multicultural Awareness

October 19, 2020
CAPS265 Career Development III Capstone
Multicultural Awareness Project
This Assessment is worth 10% of your overall grade.
Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:
Course Outcome
Synthesize professional experience, networking, and secondary research to support career plans.
Institutional Outcome
Community and Career - Participate in social, academic, and professional communities for
individual growth and to function as a citizen of a multicultural world.
As global citizens, we have a responsibility to possess cultural awareness, meaning that
we need to understand how our own perceptions, beliefs, values, behaviors, etc. are
impacted by our cultural background and recognize how the perceptions, beliefs,
values, behaviors, etc. of others are affected by their cultural background. Within our
personal lives and our careers, although it may be unintentional, we often have our own
beliefs and judgments about others that are different from us. This is referred to as
having biases about a person or group. For example, biases can be connected to our
race, gender, religion, etc. As global citizens, we must work to overcome these biases
and judgements within our personal lives and in the workplace.
For this project, you will develop connections to broaden your professional network
and utilize the connections you form to foster your individual growth and ability to
function as a citizen of a multicultural world. More specifically, this project will require
you to connect with an individual or organization related to your desired career path
and interview them on the effects that culture has within the workplace and the impact
of culture on interactions with customers, clients, patients, etc. Finally, you will
complete independent research to support the learning and understanding you gain
from the interview you conduct.
Requirements and Formatting
Your Multicultural Awareness Project must adhere to APA formatting guidelines
Deliverable items for the Multicultural Awareness Project will be required at different
points during the course. Details for each submission are included below in the
CAPS265 Multicultural Awareness Project 2
Deliverable Descriptions.
Deliverable Descriptions
Week 1: Networking Connections
Due by the end of Week 1 at 11:59 pm, ET.
This week, you will begin to lay the groundwork necessary for your Multicultural
Awareness Project and start to connect with other professionals who you could
interview as part of your assignment.
In a Word Document, provide your answers to the following prompts:
State your degree program and briefly summarize your desired career path and
career goals.

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