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Module 5 Part 4

March 10, 2020
CUL 241 Food Record Project
Module 5: Part 4
Examining Your Protein Intake
To complete this portion of the project, you need to have entered in all the food and beverages
you consumed for the days you recorded during Module 2 into My Nutrition Tracker on the
SparkPeople website.
You will use the Daily Nutrition Report you printed back in Module 3 to answer the following
questions below. If you do not have your printed copy from Module 3, you can reprint it from
your account in the SparkPeople website.
To begin Part 4 of this project, follow the steps below.
1. Visit the SparkPeople website, and then log in using your account information.
2. Now click on “My Trackers,” then click on “Reports.”
3. Click on “Daily Nutrition Report.
4. Enter in the same date you used in Parts 2 and 3 of this project, select 1 for “Days To
Show,” select All Nutrients for “Nutrient Display,” and click on “Run Report.”
5. Print out the Daily Nutrition Report for each day.
**Note: You may need to adjust your printing margins and layout to get all the
information from the report to print.
You will use the Daily Nutrition Reports to answer the following questions below for all three
1. What percentage of your total kcalories are from protein? (Use the pie chart at the bottom
of your report.)
1/20/20 26%
1/21/20 21%
2. Was your percentage from #1 above, within, or below the Acceptable Macronutrient
Distribution Range of 10 to 35 percent of total kcalories? What foods do you eat, or not eat,

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