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March 4, 2020
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The main text in an MLA formatted paper is left-aligned. Don’t use the right-side
justification since that is not in line with the guidelines of the eight edition MLA Handbook
published in 2016. Text is also double-spaced throughout your paper. Not only the body text,
but also headings, titles, and the entries in the list of works cited.
The first sentence of every new paragraph in your essay is indented half an inch or
1.27 centimeters. This makes it easier for your reader to see the transitions between
paragraphs. In this template we automated the indent by dragging the square block in the
ruler to the half an inch mark. When you move the square in the ruler, you will see that the
indent of the paragraph changes. If you select all the text in this document and then move the
square block, the indent will change for all paragraphs.
In longer papers you might want to use headings to help organize and provide
structure to your paper. There are no set formatting requirements by MLA the only rules are
that you must be consistent and not add a period after the heading. We recommend keeping
the font and size the same as the body text and applying title case capitalization. In general,
boldface indicates greater prominence, while italics is appropriate for subordinate headings.
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