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mkt 333 final paper

December 23, 2019
Running Head: Marketing Project
Chris Mulholland
MKT 333
Northern Arizona University
Professor Susan Carder
December 8, 2019
Running Head: Marketing Project
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 4
Situational Analysis 4
Marketing Summary 4-5
SWOT Analysis 5-6
Competition 6
Keys to Success 7
Critical Issues 7
Marketing Strategy 7
Marketing Objectives 7
Target Markets 8
Positioning 8
Target Market and Segmentation 8
Marketing Mix 8
Goods & Services Mix 8
4 P’s 9
Customer Relationship Management 10
Market Research Needs 10
Bibliography 11
Running Head: Marketing Project
Executive Summary
We are Squeeze, a small business lemonade beverage company founded in Seattle, WA. For the
past two years my partner and I have been filming and creating a YouTube series of our journey
to create the perfect lemonade drink. We have gained a solid following and have our fanbase
supporting our every video. We ventured across the United States to specifically find two types
of rare lemons: the Meyer and Pink lemon. These lemons are rare commodities, Meyers making
up 1% and Pink making up 0.5% of the lemons produced in the United States. We have
contacted and secured deals with the farmers of these lemons to allow us to use them as suppliers
of our lemons. We have set up numerous focus groups to perfect our recipe. We plan to open
our doors in 2022 in Downtown Seattle offering over 40 assorted flavors of lemonade-based
beverages. Our goal is to offer the public a convenient, quality, and affordable place to get a
beverage on the go. We plan to continue our growth and move down the west coast. Our goal is
to expand to Portland, Berkey, San Francisco, Malibu, Santa Monica, San Diego, Las Vegas, and
Phoenix. We plan to take the beverage market by storm in our endeavors.
Situational Analysis
Market Summary
Squeeze will target customers aged 16-30. The demographic of our customer base is young,
trendy, social influencers. To achieve this a crucial part of our brand is the exterior and interior

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