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Mental Health

April 30, 2018
Teague 1
Dalton Teague
Comp II
Youth Phycological Health in Football
Playing football is physically and mentally tough game. Players give all they have to their
team which could cause injury. Players who are injured have to go through a lot of mental
challenges. Players have to see everyone else play while they watch. That can cause the
withdraw from everything they do. They players also have to deal with pressure that people put
on them while they are trying to take care of themselves. Bullying is a crisis in football along
with masculinity issues that the sport causes. We are looking at the effect of football on
phycological health of youth players.
The athletes deal with many injuries and those tolls are more than just physically. The
players are going through the medical procedures to get healthy to get back and playing. While
they are doing this their teammates and friends are still practicing and playing. They are not in
the action and that affect them. They player who get injured go through problems such as “…
anxiety, self-esteem, and depression issues” according to Frank J. Schwebel. He measured the
levels that athletes go through when they are injured. In the article he goes on to say players who
deal with injuries for long periods of time lowers their self-esteem and makes the player more
anxiety when trying come back. Depression was more something that article was not able to
determine fully because of the variance of the effects. Athletes are also put through layers of
stress put on them.
Teague 2
Stress is something every athlete goes through even in youth athletics. They have outside
pressures put on them for their athletic accomplishments. When you get injured this makes these
stresses more intense on the athletes. The study by Romualdas Malinauskas discussed the effects
of the injury on the athletes. He Stated, “suggesting that stress has a direct negative effect on
psychological adjustment of injured athletes.” Which in his study he showed the effect from a
major and minor injury on the mental health. The athletes are out under stress by their coaches
telling them that they need them along with fans. Coaches and fans at the youth age are usually
family and loved ones. The youth athletes do not always know what is right to do with injuries,
so this puts them under the stress because they don’t want to disappoint anyone. That leads us to

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