McDonald’s Catering to Convenience

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17 October 2018
Catering to Convenience
History of McDonald’s
McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest and most successful restaurant chain with
thousands of restaurants in over one-hundred countries. However, McDonald’s success did not
come overnight. In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened a food stand that at first sold hot dogs but
eventually hamburgers were added to the menu. In 1940, Patrick McDonald’s two sons, Richard
and Maurice, moved the original building to San Bernardino. The restaurant reopened as a
carhop dine-in under the new name, "McDonald's Bar-B-Que".
Although the restaurant was successful, eight years later the brothers decided to make
some changes. The brothers decided to rename the restaurant to “McDonald’s”. The new
restaurant was streamlined and went from having twenty-five items on their menu to only,
“hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potato chips, coffee, soft drinks, and apple pie...The carhops were
eliminated, making the new restaurant a self-service operation. Richard and Maurice took great
care in setting up their kitchen like an assembly line to ensure maximum efficiency.” (Bryson
338). A year later milkshakes and fries were introduced into their menu. In 1952 the iconic
“Golden Arches” were created and put in front of a new McDonald’s restaurant in an effort to
attract more attention and business. They achieved their goal of more notoriety and then the two
brothers decided to make McDonald’s into a franchise. The two brother’s ingenuity and vision
helped make McDonald’s a successful restaurant in their local community. In 1954, Ray Kroc
met with the McDonald’s brothers and convinced them to open up more restaurant franchises
throughout the country. Ray Kroc also furthered McDonald’s success by creating advertising and
marketing campaigns. Ray Kroc had a bigger vision for Mcdonald’s and went on to expand its
global presence.
Why do you think the company has been successful?
McDonald’s success can be attributed to various reasons. McDonald’s Standardization,
consistency, and innovation are some reasons why McDonald’s has remained successful.
McDonald’s is consistent with quality, service, cleanliness, and value. Regardless of whichever
restaurant location one visits, they are going to have a similar experience. Along with
maintaining product and service standardization, McDonald’s considers local tastes and
preferences when developing its menu items. At times McDonald’s also offers seasonal or
featured items for a limited time. This is a good marketing strategy that helps increase business
by attracting new customers and gives regular customers a new item to try. Another reason