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Mary Kay Ash vs Helena Rubinstein

March 11, 2020
Emotional Intelligence Cosmetics: Mary Kay Ash and Helena Rubinstein
Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Ash Emotional Intelligence Text Examples
Making people feel important is precisely what a leader is paid for because making people
feel important motivates them to do better work.” (Ash, 23)
“I believe that you should praise people whenever you can; it causes them to respond as a thirsty
plant responds to water” (Ash, 31)
“A chief executive officer’s enthusiasm and positive personality can permeate an entire
organization.” (Ash 77)
As a leader, I believe in creating a friendly, relaxed working atmosphere. Life is too short to do
otherwise.” (Ash 198)
Used pink as her brands signature color
Used in-home salespersons to spread brand awareness
“As you probably have heard, we offer, based on sales volume, Independent Sales
Directors the opportunity to earn the use of pink Cadillacs.” (Ash 26)
Quick Bio
Birth: May 12, 1918 in Hot Wells, Texas
Death: November 22, 2001 in Dallas Texas
Education: University of Huston
Estimated business net worth at time of death: $500 million
Helena Rubinstein
Helena Rubinstein Emotional Intelligence Text Examples
She wanted to create an elegant environment that would make a woman’s visit a special
experience she would want to repeat.” (Kent 43)
“If she could get well-known person to use her products and talk about them, she would generate
even more interest in her skin-care business.” (Kent 47)
She had always targeted an upscale market and strived to give her products an air of
exclusivity…” (Kent 54)
“Helena Rubinstein believed all women could be beautiful, and she tried to address as many
skin-care needs as she could with her cosmetics.” (Kent 57)
First to create different creams to use during the day and during the night.
First to categorize skin as oily, dry, combination, and normal
First to create waterproof mascara
“She was the first to develop such products as deep cleansers, vitamin enriched skin-care
lines, and a face-care line that included pure vitamin C.” (Business Builders in
Cosmetics, pg.54)
Quick Bio
Birth: December 25, 1872 in Krakow, Poland
Death: April 1, 1965 in New York City, New York
Education: University of Krakow
Estimated business net worth at time of death: $17.5-$60 million
Emotional Intelligence
According to Stephane Cote “Emotional intelligence is a set of abilities to reason about emotions
to enhance thought.” If a leader has a higher sense of emotional intelligence, they are able to