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Marketing Plan for a Music Cafe

May 8, 2014
Executive Summary
This one-year marketing plan for Hikarinouta, a music caf restaurant in Beppu, Japan.
The contents being covered are: company’s overview, SWOT analysis, marketing
objectives, target market, marketing mix and finally followed by the implementation. The
objective set for the restaurant is to increase the sales through targeting a new market
target and improving current product quality. We will first start by analyzing the market
with SWOT, then identifying the target market which is APU students. This is because the
most attractive features of Hikarinouta are live music shows and impressive view of Beppu
city, especially at night which would probably favorite points of young people. By
strategies developed in all marketing mix elements (6P: product, promotion, place, price,
presentation, personal and customer service) with a focus on target market, Hikarinouta
restaurant would become a favorite space for students of APU. Generally, the strategies
would include intense promotional strategy, modification in product, alteration in
presentation and efficiency in distribution. In the end, we will prove the possibility of this
plan through implementation.
Company Overview:
Company name : Music Caf Hikari no Shi
Genre : Restaurant
Telephone number: 0977-75-6557
Address :874-0016
JuumonjibaruTenbodai(Yuyama TVTower), Beppushi, Oita ken
Open hours : 11:00-22:00
Close on Wednesday
Hikarinouta is a music restaurant – coffee shop which is located in Jumonjibaru area, an
intensely visited site of the city where there are many famous spots like African Safari
Park, Kanawa hot springs, etc. Owning an advantageous location and seeing the need for a
place where the aging Beppu citizens and Japanse and foreign tourists can talk and relax,
in 2007, the restaurant was opened as a place to not only serve foods and drinks but also to
offer a place where customers can slowly enjoy their time.
Since Beppu is a city developed for mainly tourism, the restaurant business has the chance
develop good growth rate. However, as more and more restaurants are open, the
competition gets more intense. With over nearly 90 restaurants for the small population of
119,582 people, restaurant owners have to cleary distinguish themselves from their
Hikarinouta restaurant’s core competency is first the unique view of Beppu city. ofAt
night, the place gives the distinctive romantic impression of being in Paris because of a
beautify night view of the shimmering city, the Kanawa tower. In addition, the restaurant
offer live music experience. Customers can choose either enjoy the live music shows of

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