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Marketing Plan

February 5, 2019
Kallie Carey
Professor Weber
Marketing BADM 370
28 November 2018
Dark Canyon Marketing Plan
Coffee is something that catches on quite quickly through marketing channels.
A marketing channel is the people, organizations, and activities necessary to transfer the
ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption. It is the way
products and services get to the end-user, the consumer, and is also known as a distribution
channel. Dark Canyon coffee is very popular here in South Dakota and surrounding states.
However, their marketing strategy is quite old school. However, they do have a social media
presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in but their online following is quite small for
such a thriving business. Their Facebook page is their main media presence with approximately
1.9K followers. Through social media, they reach the customer basis by advertising and
supporting the other small businesses that carry their products.
Marketing channels are the ways that goods and services are made available for use by
the consumers. All goods go through channels of distribution, and your marketing will depend on
the way your goods are distributed. The route that the product takes on its way from production
to the consumer is important because a marketer must decide which route or channel is best for
his particular product. Purchases are made by the retailer from the manufacturer and then the
retailer sells the merchandise to the consumer. Manufacturers that specialize in producing
shopping goods prefer this method of distribution. With Dark Canyon coffee, the company
creates the product, advertises it, and customers or retailers will buy it directly from them. This
channel is very effective, because Dark Canyon has established a strong bond with their
customers and the businesses that carry their products.
Dark Canyon also has a channel in many other aspects rather than just social media and
wholesale partnerships. For example, they use Direct response marketing. It is another type of
distribution channel. Direct response includes a variety of communications vehicles such as
postcards, sales letters, email marketing and television direct response infomercials. When you
use direct response marketing, it's important to have a call-to-action. For instance, infomercials
often start by showcasing a common problem, then illustrating how the product or service solves
that problem. Direct response marketing can be an affordable way for companies to reach
potential customers. Dark Canyon does this within their newspaper ads and also their radio ads.
The next channel they use that is very strong is Public relations which is a broad

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