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Marketing Final

May 14, 2017
1) Identify and explain the four variables of the marketing mix. Why are these
elements known as variables? Identify a company and apply the elements of
the marketing mix to that company.
a. The four variables of the marketing mix are: product, price,
distribution, and promotion. These elements are known as variables
because they are always subject to change.
b. A company that I would like to talk about is my coffee shop, Brie’sta
Coffee Company in Mountain Home, Idaho. Our product is serving
coffee and specialty espresso drinks. Our beans are grade 1 and the
top 5% in the world within that grade 1. Our customer service and
consistence is always above and beyond, therefore our competition
has a hard time competing with us with intangible service. Our prices
are very similar to the competition in town, but we do offer a 10%
military discount that no one else does and this sets our prices below
the competition. Our prices are also, on average, $.05 below the
competition on all menu items. Our shop is located in a military town
on a road called “Airbase Road”. The road is the only route to get to the
Mountain Home Air Force Base. We are above our competition in this
aspect because our shop is on the airman’s way to work and most of
the airman live on our side of town. Promotion is a big part of our
business because we want to attract as many cars passing as possible.
We have a sandwich board that we place near the road to attract
customers driving by. We also use the board to announce our
promotions such as Double Punch Tuesday, Military discount, and Law
Enforcement discount. We are always using Facebook as a way to
attract customers and give our deals as well. We also use a loyalty
system by giving out punch cards that are stamped once for every
drink purchased- twice on Tuesday- and then two stamps per drink on
2) Identify and discuss the four dimensions of social responsibility. What impact
do they have on marketing decisions? What impact do they have on the
overall valuation of a company?
a. The four dimensions of social responsibility are: philanthropic, ethical,
legal, and economical. There is a relationship between these four
dimensions and marketing decisions because companies have a
responsibility to, “be profitable so that they can provide a return on
investment to their owners and investors, create jobs for the

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