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January 9, 2020
Sales and Marketing
Chapter 3 : Managing the marketing and sales office
- 2 trends :
the growth of acquisitions, mergers and consolidations. Many firms owning different brands
marketing functions have been incorporated into sales. Trend called “revenue management”
I. The marketing and sales division
- GM can make a big difference in a property’s sales efforts by : making one phone call a day,
stopping in during site inspections, going on sales calls to top accounts, providing the “GM close”,
cultivating contacts one level up from the sales contacts in all key accounts,…
- Director of marketing : the head of the sales effort ; must have good financial and analytical skills,
communication skills with owners, asset managers, other stakeholders,…
- Market research coordinator : oversees the development of information regarding the history and
past performance of each account, analyze market trends and general consumer trends,…
- Director of advertising and public relations : coordinate all promotional materials and establish a
good public image for the property, help select advertising media for the property,…
- Director of revenue management
- Telemarketing director : supervises and manages the telephone sales staff
- Director of convention service
- Director of sales : works closely with the director of marketing. Is in charge of the sales office,
supervises sales staff, handle key accounts, assist salespeople when needed, prepares sales reports for
top management,…
- Sales manager : assign accounts to salespeople, monitor the progress of salespeople,…
- Assistant director of sales
- Salespeople or sales representatives : responsible for contacting, soliciting, and providing follow-up
service to clients. Can be given the title of account manager
- Clerical staff : responsible for maintaining sales paperwork, freeing salespeople to solicit clients,…
II. Organizing the marketing and sales office
A. The sales area
- Furniture, design, décor, staff : professional and knowledgeable
B. Recruiting and hiring effective salespeople
- Plan interviews ; no interruptions + ask questions
- Characteristics common to successful salespeople : professionalism, ability to communicate,
intelligence, ability to analyze, motivation, efficiency, persistence, empathy, curiosity,
- Salespeople are not “born salespeople”
- Differences between “sales makers” and “order takers”:
OT use emails to communicate with clients. SM use the telephone
OT sell price. SM sell value
OT prefer to work on incoming business than prospect for new business. SM don’t wait