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In order for Sony India to regain their TV market without compromising on price, the following
strategies can be followed:
Find the niche and stick with it: Sony should identify few characteristics that set it apart
from the competition. Having that distinguishing brand characteristic such as the Apple
logo enables people to more easily identify company's products across a line of similar-
looking items. If Sony is able to create a recognizable brand identity, while also producing
higher-quality products or services than the competition (or products or services that serve a
niche market), it will have a better chance of finding a larger piece of market share to
Stay relevant through innovation: Sony should spot new trends ahead of competitors.
Listen carefully to its customers, often conduct surveys to understand their likes and dislikes
and how Sony can use its technology to bring about these changes, thereby revamping the
entire sector
Engage with customers: A company that often engages with its customers creates a
customer friendly environment for them, thereby forcing them to purchase their products.
Customers know what they want to see in the product, so one-way businesses can increase
their market share is by asking them. A carefully crafted survey sent out to loyal customers
with questions about design, updates, and features can help you visualize tangible ways to
improve product or service, and in turn, increase the market share. Engaging with customers

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