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Strategies to Digitize Mom and Pop stores in India
Mom and Pop store is very unique, unlike the stores of these days which are making profits by sales,
these stores make encash their trust. Mom & Pop stores are also called as grocery stores are small
stores located near to the residential area which has the target audience of just nearby local
residents. The Local retailers have to keep on adding innovation to their business every day, in order
to prevent the shutting down of their business. Hence it is important for the Mom-and-Pop stores to
start working on their digital presence, so here are the few strategies that can be taken:
1. Collaboration with E-Commerce Giants: Helps the local Mom & Pop stores to come online,
and by this way, they can increase the sales, as it helps both in delivering fast and increasing
the sales by acting as pick up and return points. The idea is to provide consumers with a
smooth and a real-time delivery experience. The tie-up makes it a win-win situation for both.

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