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Managerial Leadership

July 2, 2018
Influence Process 1
Leadership & Ethics for Managers
Pearl Tonge-Riviere
American InterContinental University
Influence Process 2
This paper is a discussion on the types of influence processes used by 3 different business
leaders. The discussion takes form through a thorough analysis on issues such as the types of
influence processes, factors that affect those processes, attributes of those processes, and a deep
study of the influence used by these leaders. The paper also focuses on the strengths and
weaknesses, similarities and differences of influence processes. It begins with an overview of
influence, influence process and leadership. It will also discuss the role of influence in
contemporary leadership.
Leadership is the ability to influence one’s followers. That means that leaders possess some kind
of power over those they lead. Someone can have power and not be a leader, but a leader should
never be without power or influence, because influencing is how leaders lead. Many leaders use
a variety of techniques or styles to bridge the gap between authority and power in an effort to
influence change, (or improve a subject) on those they lead, whether through organizational
power such as legitimacy, or personal power like referent power. Leaders use one, or a
combination of influence methods such as charisma, empowerment and coercion to get the
desired behavior from their followers. The tactics used to influence change is known as influence
An introduction to the concept of influence processes
A leader is defined as someone who influences individuals and groups within an organization,
helps them in the establishment of goals, and guides them toward achievement of those goals,
thereby allowing them to be effective. Taken from M.U.S.E (2018 What is Leadership).
Influence is the application of power to accomplish a specific purpose. (Bacon 2010, p. 5). In
other words, influence is the ability of an individual or group to modify or change the behavior
of other individuals or groups.
Influence process is the methods used to influence change.
In order to incorporate all the means of influencing others through leadership into this definition,
we can refer to several instances to where leadership and influence are united.
A football coach showing a new draft on techniques that should be used to raise the odds
of winning the next game
A manager threatens to fire anyone who fails to adhere to his/ her newly-imposed rules
A student encouraging others to form a group on campus to protest the leadership of a
A 10-year-old girl instructing other children on the playground which games they should